Insane Hydraulics

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This section is devoted to oil hydraulics related scrap metal, scrap metal's pics and the fine art of making scrap metal....

Backlash Overspeeds Hydraulic Motor
Two Times in a Row!
Danfoss H1B160 Hydraulic Motor Gets Locked But Not Shattered
Ice Cold Damage
How to Make Castle Models Out of Hydraulic Pumps
When Bronze is Stronger than Steel
Bust'a'pump Competition
The Part That Took an Impossible Path
The Houdini Pump
Pressure Filter Reverse Flow Valve Failure
Multiple Lessons From the Pump that Created a Wedding Ring
Verge Shredder Motor Gets Shredded
Series 90 desintegration
Hidden Damage
Hydromatik A11VO160 destroyed
Making Tiny Rainbows
PZB Pump Takes a Beating
1000 Bar Plus
High Low Pressure
Pick a Peak!
Did You Really Clean the Pipes?
Do it Yourself...NOT
Such a Nice Bronze Flower...
Sticking out!
Other Way Round
Severe Rod Bending
Hot Hot!!!
Serious Series 20 Damage
Sleeve Gone
Kawasaki M2X210 Cylinder Block
Was it Machined on Purpose, or What?
Ball Guide Cut in the Middle
Sauer Danfoss Series 45 Frame J Gets it
Defying Common Hydraulic and Mechanical Sense
Dead Samurai
Hoping for a Hydraulic Miracle
Split in Half
Oups, I Did it Again!
Talk About Oil Contamination...
Even The Strongest Fall
Sauer Danfoss Fixed Displacement Kaboomed
Use of Charge Pumps for Friction Welding
Something Gunsmiths Could Learn From
Linde BMV140 Variable Displacement Motor
And Where is the Bronze?
Komatsu Unplugged
The Breakable Valve Spool
Kawasaki K3V112DT Damaged Check-Valves
Grinding a Hydraulic Motor
Screwed Screw Pump
Gear Pump Funeral
Piston Shoes Go Flat
Bearing Failure Dispatches a Hydraulic Motor
Speed Sensor Trouble
Hydraulic Motor and Balls
A11VO160 - Broken Connection Rod
Extreme Oil Over-Stress
One Full Bronze Barrel
Drain Line Blockage
Broken Servo-Cylinder from a Komatsu Pump
The Pump is on Fire!!!
Very Very Trashed A7V
Linde BMV Hydraulic Motor - Marine Adventure
Linde PR105 - Exiting in Style
Piston Decapitation
The Fatter the Better?
Orifices That Are More Than Orifices
Interesting Damage Pattern
The Mystery of Missing Teeth
And This Time - Without a Thrust Plate!
Parker P2075 Pump - Mashed to Pieces Yet The Bearing Survives!
Farewell to an Old Friend
Rexroth A10VO Series 53 - Failure Analysis
Eaton Vickers PVQ10 in Mint Condition