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Eaton Vickers PVQ10 in Mint Condition

Nice people tell me nice things about their machinery - and all I hear is "bla-bla-bla" and all I think is "we'll see when we open it..." This is how I know I have worked in this business for too long.

This is just one example of what made me feel this way. This PVQ10 came from a Volvo A40 hauler, and it was delivered as working "absolutely fine".

When I hear the words "it works perfectly fine" when someone describes a hydraulic pump, I picture a lot of things, because, well, "fine" is such a multi-dimensional word!

For example - fine can mean "exceptional" or "striking". And indeed - the damage is exceptional without a doubt.

Fine can mean "refined" of "rare" - and I agree. It is definitely not common to find a pump with so much play in one of the pistons still in one piece.

Fine can mean "thin" or "flimsy" - and this is perfectly applicable as well because there's a flimsy chance that it was working problem-free!