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Hydraulic Tips and More

This section is called the Tip Jar - hence - it houses tips. Hydraulic tips. Of all sorts and kinds. Here I am gathering short pieces of useful information, that fall into the following categories:

Tips - workshop tips, field tips, troubleshooting and diagnostics tips and advice.

Mistakes - we all learn from our own mistakes, but it's even better to learn from mistakes of others! Mistakes from lack of experience, mistakes from too much experience, dumb mistakes, fun mistakes and honest mistakes - you'll find them all here!

Myths - industrial beliefs that are widely held but false nonetheless. (Let's bust a few myths, shall we?)

Have a tip of your own? A mistake, perhaps? Send them to me and we'll share them with the world!


Inserting an Axial Piston Pump Rotary Group With the Help of an O'Ring
Easy Way to Remove the Balance Plate from an OMS Hydraulic Motor
Another Cylinder Block Insertion Technique - Called 'Screw It In'
Electrolytic Rust Removal
DIY Extractor For Pulling Bushings Out of Blind Bores
Three Relief-Valve-Related Tips
How to Remove the Pulsations Orifice of the Rexroth A10VO(18...100) DFR/DFR1 Controller
A Simple Way of Protecting DIY Steel Parts From Rust
Manual Match-Lapping of Cylinder Blocks and Valve Plates of Hydraulic Pumps and Motors


Gear Pumps with Journal Bearings - Lubrication Groove Position
My Eyes, My Beautiful Eyes!
Chamfer Position
Repairable Gear Pump Mistake


Cylinder Drift is Caused by Leaking Piston Seals
LS stand by pressure equals the delta P
OEM Documentation and Recommendations Are Always Correct
Hydraulic Motor Case Pressure Should Be As Low As Possible
You Can Fix Oil Leaks by Tightening The Srews
There's No Need To Fill the Pump Case with Oil Before Commissioning
New Oil is Clean Oil
Bigger Motor Displacement Automatically Means Bigger Torque