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Parker P2075 Pump - Mashed to Pieces Yet The Bearing Survives!

This Parker P2075 pump's entrails got mashed to bits and pieces, and, apparently, the pump rotated for quite a long time with the chunks inside!

The barrel, the swashplate, even the body - they all got marked and pitted by the metal scraps and chunks, and yet the shaft bearing came out almost intact! The picture is not of the best quality, and I should've cleaned the bearing to capture its real condition - but take my word for it - it looked almost new! The dots you see on the picture are actually tiny oil drops I should have wiped off...

I can think of two things to explain this - either the oil flow in the shaft bearing area is very low during the operation, or the pump's casing wasn't filled with enough oil when the "mashing" occurred. Be that as it may, it is still quite strange to find a completely destroyed pump with an undamaged shaft bearing, that is lodged in an open to case cavity and is lubricated by the case oil.