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Danfoss Series 90 Bearing Plates Upside Down

Fortunately for hydraulics shops, there are a lot of people who reckon they can repair an axial piston pump the same way they would repair, say, a garden bench. Then small something gets mounted in a manner that's "not entirely correct" and - boom! - a bunch of scraps for us to handle. Good for business.

"But I only used original parts..."

"I was constantly consulting the original service manual..."

"There were almost no parts left after I finished..."

"I only hammered it a couple of times..."

"Oh, so the shaft rotation direction does matter..."

"It looks so good on the outside! Why won't it work?"

And further similar remarks are a poor excuse when you end up with a pump looking like this. When you are not sure if you can assemble something unknown to you, find someone who is.

I think that in this particular case we, as professional hydraulic pump specialists, must be grateful to the "author", because at least he answered the question "What would happen if one mounted the Danfoss series 90 Teflon coated bearing plates with the Teflon side facing away from the slipper retainer plate?" An expensive, yet spectacular mistake!