Insane Hydraulics

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Every day of a hydraulic technician brings a battle. Here lie some of mine, both won and lost...

Strange Behavior of a Danfoss 155G4074 PVEH Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
Troubleshooting a Rexroth M4-15 Load-Sensing Valve
Drilling Head Motor That Was Turning Only in One Direction
Hydraulic Battles in Guinea Bissau
Rexroth A6VM355 - Bulgarian Ventures and Proper Hydraulic Motor Tests
Inventing A New Load Sensing Valve
A Very Unusual Closed Loop Beakdown
PLC and Wet Wires
Straightening Out a Crooked Barge
And Suddenly the Belts Went Slow...
Hydraulic Failure, Caused by Chemical Degradation of Hydraulic Oil
Fixing an Excavator Pump That Stalls the Engine - Scrap Yard Style!
Hydrostatic Steering Valve Overheats Oil
Reading Servo Pressures in Closed Loop Pumps and Pushing Airplanes
Cylinder Block Lift and Creative Testing
The Story of One Luggage Conveyor
Furukawa Battle and a Praise to Reverse-Engineering
Hydraulic System Too Slow - Low Efficiency or Load Sensing at Work?
Them Damned Air Bubbles
Abnormal Noise Caused by the Aeration of Hydraulic Oil
An Old Grader Gives Hydraulic Troubleshooting Lessons
A Cylinder That is Both Pneumatic and Hydraulic at the Same Time
HAWE PSL31 Directional Control Valve - Overheating And More...
Hydraulic Expertise vs Dumb Luck
JS1-H Joystick Installation Problem - Part One
JS1-H Joystick Installation Problem - Part Two
Setting the Neutral of a Rexroth A4VSG500EO2 Closed-Loop Pump
The Most Embarrassing Mistake of My Career as a Hydraulic Technician
Projectile Cleaning Gone Wrong
Fixing a Diamec 250 Control Panel Based on Danfoss PVG-32
Troubleshooting Sleuth - a guest post, written by Steve Witt - a retired field service mechanic and a freelance writer.
The Scariest Pump Repair of 2017
Travelift Adventures