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9 February, 2020
How Oil Viscosity Affects Turbine Flow Meters

2 February, 2020
Troubleshooting Closed Loops with a Bucket...

26 January, 2020
Place of Modern DIY Electronics in Industrial Projects.

19 January, 2020
Going back to basics, exploring once again one rarely manifested, yet very interesting Peculiarity of Some External Gear Motors.

12 January, 2020
This time I decided to do things differently, and instead of wring an article - I made a video that demonstrates an interesting and perhaps less common situation that you may run into when adjusting load sensing controls of certain open loop varibale displacement pumps, and at the same time showcases the latest prototypes of the wireless monitoring system that I have been working on for some time now.

5 January, 2020
Starting the new year with a Full Bronze Barrel. A rare sight these days...

29 December, 2019
The year 2019 is coming to its end. What is done is done... I conclude editing the "Finding Zero" series with Part 3, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year! Get closer to your dreams and be happy!

22 December, 2019
Smart Industrial Transmitter Project Report - First newer design test platforms are assembled.

15 December, 2019
I did an interesting assistance call in November which, as usual, involved a piece of mining equipment. I want to go through the troubleshooting process and show you how, despite my "expertise", equipment knowledge and state of the art diagnostic tools, I still found the malfunction only by sheer dumb luck.

8 December, 2019
Returning form the usual end of the year maintenance week, which I spent cleaning oil tanks and swapping filters in our beloved mine, I only have the strength to ask you one question: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "flathead"?

1 December, 2019
Have you ever wondered: "What Does 7500-Hour Wear Look Like?"

24 November, 2019
The Bronze, Gentlemen, Where Did The Bronze Go?, and a sesison of "Komatsu Unplugged".

17, November, 2019
An oldie but goodie, - a post about Solenoid Valves and Broken Doors.

10 November, 2019
Smart Industrial Monitor Progress Report

3 November, 2019
A very important article gets an "https face-lift" - Finding Zero (Part 2), and also an example of a Hydraulic Pump That's Perfectly Fine.

27 October, 2019
Today I add two more myths to the collection - the Myth About Fixing Leaks and The Most Stubborn Hydraulic Myth in the World.

20 October, 2019
Know Your Code Names! - a post which, among other things, contains a short trip down the memory lane. Also - I finally updated the contact page. It has my linkedIn now, so if you're into this kind of thing - feel free to connect.

13 October, 2019
If You Intend to Store a Pump or a Motor...

06 October, 2019
The Magic Number Two or Thoughts About Specific Heat of Hydraulic Oil

29 September, 2019
Been doing some work on closed-loop transmissions this week, which made me go back to an old series of posts devoted to closed-loop null adjustment, and, as usual - I am re-writing everything. So, here's the first part - Finding Zero.

22 September, 2019
Smart Monitor Progress Report - I finally have the multi-point reading profiles Up and Running!

15 September, 2019
Some mechanics still believe that Hydraulic Motor Case Pressure Should Be As Low As Possible. And otheres may, by mistake or lack of attention, install a chamfered part the other way around... Don't worry - we're here to document it all!

8 September, 2019
I am recalling the first time I came about a Closed Loop Failure Due To Line Elasticity. (Caution - this blog post mentions food!)

1 September, 2019
Apparently, I did get a "lemon" from Danfoss - Unexpected Problem With Danfoss JS1-H Joystick Installation - Part Two.

25 August, 2019
I had this little project on hold since last year, and finally managed to scrape together some time to finish it - and was very surprised to run into an unexpected problem with the installation of a Danfoss JS1-H joystick. At this point I am not sure if I was unlucky and got a "lemon" from the Danfoss, or if it's just the way these joysticks are supposed to be, but I will definitely investigate, and (with your help) will get to the bottom of this. For now - I'll keep the "suspense" by introducing you to the Unexpected Problem With Danfoss JS1-H Joystick Installation.