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02 August, 2020
Today I push the external gear pump topic a little further and present to you a small Displacement Calculator App that I wrote to make my (and everybody else's) life easier. Unlike other similar apps, it allows you to choose between what you want to measure on a gear pump, and also exports the dimensions and the result in a nice pdf file!

26 July, 2020
I believe that information about gear pump displacement calculation that you can find online is somewhat scattered, incomplete, and sometimes even incorrect. So, in today's post, I discuss the origin of the several formulae that you can use to calculate a gear pump's displacement and also when you would want to use one over the other - Calculating the Displacement of a Gear Pump

19 July, 2020
Today I talk about the hydraulic balance, and recall an intersting experiment (of sorts) that I did a while ago, when I assembled and successfully tested a pump, and only then discovered that I forgot to mount one very important part.

12 July, 2020
These four pages are interconnected, so I can't really mention one without the others. So, here we go: In a hydraulic system without an oil tank, there's a pump, that uses a special filtration manifold with a built-in thermal by-pass valve, the failure of which can lead to this and/or this!

5 July, 2020
I add another set of pics to the "Kaboom" collection - Verge Shredder Motor Gets Shredded

28 June, 2020
Hydraulic Motor Pressure Compensated Displacement Controls

21 June, 2020
The "sixth sense", and how you can and should use it when you work with hydraulic systems.

14 June, 2020
Today, once again, it is all about low speed and hight torque! I talk about a step one should not skip before disassembling an orbital motor. I recall how tricky it can be to use orbital motors at very low speed. And I put myself in harm's way (literally!) to prove that these motors are not the best choice for static torque applications.

7 June, 2020
Timing of orbital motors is not so complicated if you consider the fact that there are only two ways you can mount them, so if you know the relation between the shaft rotation and the port flow - you don't need a service manual to assemble an orbital motor properly timed.

31 May, 2020
A short update on the "wireless gadget situation" - I am moving the project to a newer 32-bit platform.

24 May, 2020
The Best Hydraulic Component Repair Tip In The World

17 May, 2020
Once again - Pump Flow Tests Can NOT Predict the Life Span!

10 May, 2020
A series of repeated breakdowns of a hydrostatic transmission gave birth to this article, called "What Drives What".

3 May, 2020
No matter how long I work with hydraulics and how many situations defying common sense in most unbelievable ways I come across - I'll never say "Now I've seen it all!" since there will always be someone willing to challenge the current champion of the "industrial ignorance" race...

26 April, 2020
4-Way Directional Control Valves - Which Way Will the Oil Go?

19 April, 2020
My discussion of closed-loop charge-pressure-related stuff would be incomplete without addressing the loop flushing subject, which is, therefore, the prime topic of today's post.

12 April, 2020
Today I want to continue with the topic of charge pressure and talk about the peculiarities of measuring charge pressure in hydrostatic transmissions. And also recall that when you troubleshoot a piece of hydraulic equipment, being able to measure temperature is as important as being able to measure pressure. Did you know that not all technicians know how to use an infrared thermometer correctly?

5 April, 2020
Before adjusting the charge pressure in a closed-loop transmission we must define its value - and that's where doubts may arise. How high should it be? 18 bar? 22? Maybe 28 bar? How about 30? I am discussing this matter in my post on How High Should the Closed Loop Charge Pressure Be?

29 March, 2020
How Test Hoses Affect the Ability to Read Pressure Spikes

22 March, 2020
About Closed Loop Bypass Systems and "Bogus" Failures

15 March, 2020
Two short reminders for you today - You should know that the phrase "New oil equals clean oil" is a myth, and you should always Watch Where You Step.

08 March, 2020
Another report from the wireless pressure gauge project. The system gets an extra channel, new modular PCB design, new ABS enclosure, and a lot more - Road to the MVP

01 March, 2020
As promised - HAWE PSL31 Directional Control Valve - Overheating And More...

23 February, 2020
Last Friday (of course it had to be a Friday) I pulled an all-nighter fixing a very interesting and unexpected problem of this small HAWE PSL size 2 directional control valve. This simple fix raised several extremely important questions, almost turning itself into a "compensated DCV master class". Now, this having been an all-nighter and all - I didn't have time to dish out a "proper" article, and since I believe that it is has to be perfect - I am putting this one off till the next week. For now, however, I am leaving you to wonder how this poor bearing managed to survive a massacre - Parker P2075 Pump - Mashed to Pieces Yet The Bearing Survives!

16 February, 2020
This may be an old story - but I still reacall it every day. A story of how I once paticipated in Remodeling Hydraulics of an Old Marine Travelift.