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18 August, 2019
Last week I installed a custom built Danfoss JS1-H heavy duty joystick control system on a Terex tele-handler. The build went fine but I ran into a very peculiar joystick malfunction that I wasn't expecting... I did fix it, and I did reach our for Danfoss to see if they can tell me anything about it. So far they've been silent... So I will wait for another week before posting about this build... Anyhow - do you know The Importance of Relief Valve Settings Verification?

11 August, 2019
This is one of my first https:// pages, so, please, do let me know if there're issues with the way the page is shown. Apparently this is another thing that I will have to re-factor "all over the blog". For "security" reasons... So, you can now (very securely) find out what is the Best Tool to Learn Hydraulic Pump Troubleshooting

4 August, 2019
Three hydraulic myths are added to the Tip Jar. Also - a small update on the Wireless page - as I am refactoring the App for multi-point profiles, I decided it would be nice to update the chart and log a progress point.

28 July, 2019
I've been slowly but steadily re-factoring old pages to the newer template, and often I find that my old posts are incomplete or even incorrect, so, instead of re-writing the HTML I end up re-writing the complete post. Only God knows why I keep doing that... Anyways, here's another one, remastered, on Three Simple Checks you should consider doing before bench testing a pump or a motor with unknown history.

21 July, 2019
When in Doubt - Bleed it Out!

14 July, 2019
If you don't know it yet - simple stuff that is so obvious for us, people who deal with hydraulics on a daily basis, can be the complete opposite for "normal folks". Here's an example: Not So Obvious Obvious. (Older article, re-done with mistakes corrected).

7 July, 2019
A couple of tips for the Tip Jar - a mistake that can happen when you mount Gear Pump Bushings, and an incident called Caramba, My Beautiful Eyes!

1 July, 2019
Interesting Load Sensing Case and Some Thougths on Rushed Troubleshooting

23 June, 2019
I am opening a new section, called the Tip Jar. It will contain, naturally, all kinds of short but useful tips, plus a lot more! I believe that sharing useful information in the key to make our industry of choice "a better place" for all. This is a brand new section, so it's not 100% "populated" as of today, but I will make sure that it doesn't stay that way for long.

16 June, 2019
If you use pressure transmitters or pressure transducers in your work, you may find this information useful - Comparing Industrial Pressure Transmitters.

10 June, 2019
The simplest way to test a hydraulic motor is to restrict its return flow in order to raise the pressure inside the rotary group, and then check the drain flow for excessive leakage. In today's post I go to Bulgaria to learn that such tests, after all, have their limitations.

02 June, 2019
I have used Parker ServiceJunior digital pressure gauges in all of my hydraulic ventures for many years. And since I usually choose high range and relatively low precision models (600 bar with 0.5% FS accuracy), I set out to discover if such a gauge can be used to measure very low pressures - How Good Is Your ServiceJunior?

26 May, 2019
Smart Industrial Monitor - Hardware Report from 26/05/2019

19 May, 2019
I have a great opportunity to once again evaluate the Rexroth A10VO series 5X pumps. Three pumps in a single post! Seriously, Rexroth, I really think that you could do better here! - Rexroth A10VO Series 53 - Failure Analysis

12 May, 2019
Mine maintenance is such a cool thing, especially if you like working through weekends and pulling all-nighters changing filters and cleaning tanks! This week is all about redoing old classics, like Oil Hydraulics and Oil Baths and pondering once again on which one is better - bar, MPa, psi, at or atm?

5 May, 2019
My "favorite" mine is doing a scheduled maintenance of the paste plant - and I am working through this weekend overhauling an automatic lubrication system of the ARCEN mixers. Lucky me! Still managed some time to update the menu - there's a new section now, called Wireless, where I'll be putting my progress on the Smart Industrial Monitor and other wireless projects that I intend to build.

28 April, 2019
Diamond Core Drilling theme today - I am fixing a Diamec 250 Control Panel Based on Danfoss PVG-32 Directional Valve

22 April, 2019
Not only this closed loop pump managed to create a wedding ring (yes, wedding ring!), but it also taught several interesting lessons! Don't believe me? See for yourself: Rexroth A4VG125 Pump Teaches Multiple Lessons.

14 April, 2019
A battlefield story about how Cleaning a Hose With A Foam Projectile Went Horribly Wrong.

7 April, 2019
My "Five Plus Five Rule", which I apply when I have to perform a "quick and dirty" test of a pump through evaluating the flow rate of its drain.

3 April, 2019

Just got a message from YouTube, congratulating me on a video that hit million views. Low resolution, very bad lighting, a soundtrack that turned out to be copyrighted... I guess people like looking at hydraulic motor animations, for some reason. To celebrate, I've uploaded a small clip in which I run some tests on my wireless pressure gauge - DIY Bluetooth Pressure Gauge. Your feedback is urgently needed and greatly appreciated!

31 March, 2019

Rexroth A10VO Series 52 Pumps - A Hidden Orifice You Should Know About

28 March, 2019

I finally replaced Flash script (very obsolete) with Javascript (very modern) in the Interactive Nomogram for Hydraulic Hose Sizing

24 March, 2019

A piece of controversial content today - Can You Use Your Hands to Diagnose Hydraulic Equipment?

17 March, 2019

Two Small Symptoms than may Indicate an Imminent Failure of a Hydraulic Pump