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Let's Talk Hydraulics

This section is devoted to all possible and impossible hydraulics related issues. Some of the articles were born "in the heat of the moment" and therefore may contain "less delicate vocabulary". Please, judge accordingly...

Field Test of a Closed Loop Pump
Cavitation in Hydraulic Systems
Add-On to the Article on Cavitation in Hydraulic Systems
Screw it in!
Catalogue Fever
Emotional Tune Up
My First Animation Ever
Shoes Under Scope
Digital Vs. Analogue
Closed Loops and Buckets...
Learn Them Diagrams
Shaft Seal Failure
Touch a Gear Pump?
Once Again About Suction Filters
Bar, Mpa, Atm, and an Almost Ruptured Hose
A Word About Oil Baths
Disassembling an OMS Hydraulic Motor
Commonly Used Trobleshooting Technique
Not so Obvious Obvious
Double Gear Pumps and Double Tanks
Difficult to Unscrew? - Use Double H Technique!!!
Checking Hydraulic Accumulator Pre-Charge
Severe Service Negligence or How to Win in a Stupidity Competition
Gerotor Motors and Very Low Speed
Three Simple Checks to Check
Watch out for the Shuttle!
Animation Two - Bent Axis Hydraulic Motor
Relief Valves, Do You Always Test Them?
Healthy Amount of Fooling Around
Finding Zero, Part 1
Finding Zero, Part 2
Finding Zero, Part 3
Old Diesels and Hydraulics or Can You Stop the Monster?
Add-on to the Above Post from 29 June, 2011
Hydraulic System With no Oil Tank
His Name Was Hysteresis
Pressurized Fluid Hazards
Thinking About Spilled Oil
Watch Where You Step!
Fine-tuning Your PC
About Sauer Danfoss Multi-Function Valves
Disassembling Multi-Function Valves
A Way to Flush
Multi-section Gear Pump Vs. Sauer Danfoss PVG 32
How High is Your Low?
Reading Charge Pressure - Where and What For
Closed Loop Flushing
Hydraulic Jacks, Solenoid Valves, Low Voltage and Broken Doors
Broken Not Broken Pumps
Silly Mistake - with visual and audio example
Wax Motor Operation
Before Disassembling an Orbital Motor...
AC Motor Driven Test Benches - Don't Forget About Power Factor!
Testing Solenoid Valves
When Your Hydraulics is Powerless
About "Left" and "Right" Adjustments
Silicone Menace
Bearings That Never Break
Bent-Axis Units - Using Displacement Limiters for Diagnostics
Troubleshooting Low Flow in Closed Center Load Sensing Systems
Particle, Brought by the Flow in the Load Sensing Line
How to Mount and Dismount Piston Rings in Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
Infrared Gadgets
Managing Self-Oscillation of Displacement Controls with Control Fluid Leakage
A Couple of Tips on How to Make Small Diameter Orifices
Closed Loop Bypasses
Can Pump Flow Testing Predict Life Span?
Baldest Pump Overhaul Ever!
Aftermarket Spares - Thoughts and Examples
What Drives What
Workshop Rage
Gear Motor Stall
Why Orbital Motors are a Poor Choice for Static Torque Creation
Best Way to Learn Pump Troubleshooting
Shaft Seals nad Drain Lines - Anything in Common?