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    Greetings to everybody and welcome to “InsaneHydraulics.com”, the place where fluid power reason wages war against hydraulic ignorance and illiteracy. 

    My name is Sergiy and I currently live and work in Portugal in the field of oil hydraulics, dealing mostly with pump and motor overhauling, as well as mobile and fixed hydraulic equipment failure diagnostics and analysis.

     Despite of the fact that oil hydraulics has become one of the most commonly used methods of energy transfer, especially in mobile applications, it is still almost universally "the land of the blind (the ones who won't see) and deaf (the ones who won't hear)". I see it every day. Equipment owners, mechanics, technicians, people with years of experience often  show themselves completely ignorant or, at best, uninformed about hydraulics they own or try to repair, having fallen victims to common misconceptions and industrial myths.

    I personally like hydraulics because it's endlessly challenging and educational. I have worked in this area since the year 2000 and there hasn't been a day that hasn't taught me something new. Unfortunately, I often I find myself struggling helplessly in an effort to convince people of the most basic things and still fail, succeeding only in earning the fame of a "smart ass". Being myself a non-arguing and anti-conflict type of person, I prefer NOT to crack open someone's mug with a fixed displacement motor in the course of a heated discussion, but rather to spill my thoughts and ideas on these pages, saving me from hours of severe teeth grinding and fist clenching...

     This is NOT a formal site and if you don't like my way of saying things and oppose occasional swearing you should immediately click here. The rest of you, open-minded,  knowledge-thirsty and strong-nerved hydraulics-fond-of people are welcome to keep on reading.

     There are three things about hydraulic equipment that I like doing most - troubleshooting, adjustment and reverse engineering. In fact, the latter is my favorite, especially when pump and motor controls are involved, and EVERYTHING I post in this concern is the product of MY OWN subjective brain, so I am NOT exposing any secret OEM information, I simply show how the thinking part of your head can be used to understand an unknown component's operation.

     I also sincerely hope that this site will skyrocket your motivation to learn more about hydraulics and provide you with a couple of useful tips.
     Before you go any further, consider doing The Simple Test  for you to determine if this site can do you any good. Good luck!