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Greetings, everybody, and welcome to my personal "industrial" website, which I like to call "the place where fluid power reason wages war against hydraulic ignorance".

My name is Sergiy, and I do oil-hydraulics for a living, dealing, among other things, with pump/motor repair and hydraulic equipment failure diagnostics and analysis on a daily basis.

I started my "oily" career back in 2001, when, by sheer chance, I took on a temporary job as a hand in a small hydraulic workshop in Lisbon, with zero background knowledge or shop skill, and I've followed the trade ever since.

I've grown to love oil-hydraulics because of its versatility, nonstop challenges and the imperative need for constant self-education. Sadly, I've also reached the conclusion that despite the fact that oil-hydraulics has become one of the most commonly used industrial technologies, it is still more often than not handled by "deaf-blind fiddlers" and/or "hard-headed know-it-alls" (maybe with a few rare exceptions). Every day I come across equipment owners, mechanics, technicians, even engineers, often with years of experience, who show themselves completely ignorant or, at best, mis-informed about hydraulics they own, maintain or try to repair, having fallen victims to popular misconceptions, blind tradition following and industrial myths.

Opinion difference has always lead to disputes among Homo Sapiens, and on that account a countless number of times over these years I've seen myself amidst a hopeless "clash of opinions" with my superiors/inferiors/colleagues/clients/etc... always failing in my attempts to convince them of the most obvious stuff. Being a non-conflict type of person, I find it pointless and exhausting to go about filling cups that are already full, so instead of wasting my breath arguing I prefer to spill my thoughts and ideas on these pages.

I truly hope that this informal blog is something more than just a collection of my "therapeutical writing", and that it will, at the very least, skyrocket your motivation to learn more about hydraulics, or provide you, as a hydraulic professional or a person who is somehow connected to hydraulic equipment, with a couple of useful tips.

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Thank you for visiting, and good luck!