Insane Hydraulics

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Every day of a hydraulic technician brings a battle. Here lie some of mine, both won and lost...

And Suddenly the Belts Went Slow...
Pneumatic or Hydraulic?
Them Damned Air Bubbles
Scrap Yard Electronics
Servo Pressures and Plane Pulling
Another Aeration Story
Inventing Load Sensing for A11VO190 from John Deere
Low Efficiency or Load Sensing at Work?
Cylinder Block Lift and Creative Testing
A PLC and a Couple of Wet Wires
Travelift Adventures
Furukawa Battle, plus a couple of reverse-engineering thoughts
Steering Valve Overheats Oil
An Old Grader Gives Troubleshooting Lessons
Hydraulic Failure, Caused by Chemical Reaction
Battlefield - Guinea Bissau
The Story of a Luggage Conveyor
Very Unusual Closed Loop Beakdown
Straightening Out a Crooked Barge