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9 July, 2017
A long-due explanation for the Five Years of Silence

15 June, 2017
First "real" update in five years! It's about time... But before any actual oil-hydrauics posting can happen, I have to do some serious "remodelling" around here, i.e. replace the outdated static design with something more adaptive and mobile-friendly, which is a gargantuan task, given the fact that I did everything wrong when I created the blog with a free visual editor and zero knowledge of HTML. But it needs to be done, and it will be done. I'm starting with the home page, and will eventually "grind" through the rest of the site. Should anyone catch any "funny looking business" in the browser, please, shoot me an email describing it - I'll do my best to correct the errors. Also - older browsers might not display the new code correctly.

22 January, 2012
More examples added to the post on Aftermarket Spares

7 January, 2012
Three more links unlocked in the article on aftermarket parts - Swashplates, A6VM Valve Plate, and Komatsu Parts

30 December, 2011
Aftermarket Spares - Thoughts and Examples (with more examples coming next year)

22 December, 2011
I apologize to all devoted readers of the for "being absent" this month... A lot of things happened in my personal life (including me moving to a bigger apartment) during the last four weeks, so the blog activity had to slow down. At this point I am cooking an article about non-original spare parts which will, hopefully, come out before the end of the year. In any case - I would like to use this short break to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

8 December, 2011
The Story of a Luggage Conveyor

26 November, 2011
And Now Let's Try This WITHOUT a Thrust Plate...

20 November, 2011
The question "Can an axial piston pump work with one piston missing?" is answered in Baldest Pump Overhaul Ever

12 November, 2011
Can Flow Tests Predict Life Spans?

30 October, 2011
The IH is back in business!!! I spent the last two weeks fixing raise-boring equipment, which left me no time for updates... But I am still alive and kicking, so here's a couple of words on "bogus" failures in Closed Loop Bypasses

11 October, 2011
The Mystery of Missing Teeth

3 October, 2011
A couple of tips about Making Small Diameter Orifices

22 September, 2011
Behold! - the first in the world Interactive Nomogram for Sizing Hydraulic Hoses

13 September, 2011
Peculiar Damage Pattern

5 September, 2011
Two Times in a Row - the first Kaboom post featuring no pictures of scrap

28 August, 2011
Fighting Self-Oscillations with Control Fluid Leakage, and also a decription of Rexroth A7VO55LR3E open loop pump

17 August, 2011
Infrared Gadgets and the Black Spray Trick

7 August, 2011
Small things do big damage in Tricky Orifices

30 July, 2011
With this tool it's easy to Dismount and Mount Piston Rings in Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

25 July, 2011
How to Make Small Castle Models of Hydraulic Pumps

16 July, 2011
A Particle, Brought by the LS Flow, and also: To my great horror I discovered that some of the pages aren't viewed correctly in the newest Firefox - I will correct the code as soon as I can, but so far, if you are a Firefox user, and see texts partially hidden on some pages, please, bear with me and use a different browser, like Chrome, or IE...

7 July, 2011
The Fatter the Better?

29 June, 2011
A short Add-on to my earlier post Can You Stop the Diesel Monster?

19 June, 2011
Piston Decapitation