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A Different Flathead

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "flathead"? I bet you are thinking about either a screwdriver, or an engine configuration, or a fish... or maybe that neighbor of yours with his "funny" hairdo...

Well, after looking at these pictures there will be one more "flathead related" entry in your associative vocabulary.

Check out this rotary group from a Rexroth A4V closed-loop pump. The piston heads got worn out completely flat (hence - "flathead").

Check out this peculiar radial crack pattern - the result of local overheating of the swashplate surface, caused by insufficient lubrication between the piston shoes and the swashplate, caused in its turn by the excessive oil temperature.

P.S. Many thanks to Davis (Canada), Kevin (USA) and Doug (Canada) for their professional opinion and valuable contribution, explaining the origin of the cracks.