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8 June, 2011
I Would Name This Pump Ivan Drago

1 June, 2011
Troubleshooting Insufficient Flow in Classic Closed Center Load Sensing Systems

18 May, 2011
Battlefield - Guinea Bissau

17 May, 2011
After spending two weeks offline in Africa I am finally back! The "field-report" is due in a couple of days.

30 April, 2011
Linde BMV Motor - Drastic "Resurrection" Measures, and also - an Announcement: I am leaving for Guinea-Bissau tomorrow, where I'll be fixing hydraulic rigs "African Style" (will be explained later...). There's a good chance that I'll be out of touch for some time - but I'll be back! (to be read in Arny's voice)

20 April, 2011
Using Displacement Limiters for Diagnostic Purposes - with video

16 April, 2011
Linde BMV 105 Variable Displacement Motor

15 Abril, 2011
Almost two weeks without updates - kind of a record... therefore before all and once and for all - A Word on Updates of the

2 April, 2011
Series 90 Desintegration

23 March, 2011
Bearings That Never Break

15 March, 2011
Kawasaki K3V - Transforming Negative into Positive

10 March, 2011
Failure Caused By Chemical Reaction

9 March, 2011
Answering the e-mails I've been receiving - the IH is not dead, I am preparing updates, the week's been busy though...

27 February, 2011
Very Very Broken A7V

23 February, 2011
Industrial Hydraulics Troubleshooting Lessons from an Old Grader

17 February, 2011
Silicone Menace

14 February, 2011
Working 20 hours a day through the last week left me no time for updates... But the IH is not forgotten, so stay tuned for the updades this week!

7 February, 2011
The Pump is on Fire!!!

2 February, 2011
About "Left" and "Right" Adjustments

28 January, 2011
Broken Servo-Cylinder from Komatsu Pump

25 January, 2011
When Lack of Power is Simply Lack of Power

19 January, 2011
Obstructed Drain Line

16 January, 2011
Overheating, Caused by a Steering Valve

11 January, 2011
One Full Brass Barrel

6 January, 2011
For those who think that all solenoids are the same - Testing Solenoids