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22 September, 2011
Behold! - the first in the world Interactive Nomogram for Sizing Hydraulic Hoses

13 September, 2011
Peculiar Damage Pattern

5 September, 2011
Two Times in a Row - the first Kaboom post featuring no pictures of scrap

28 August, 2011
Fighting Self-Oscillations with Control Fluid Leakage, and also a decription of Rexroth A7VO55LR3E open loop pump

17 August, 2011
Infrared Gadgets and the Black Spray Trick

7 August, 2011
Small things do big damage in Tricky Orifices

30 July, 2011
With this tool it's easy to Dismount and Mount Piston Rings in Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

25 July, 2011
How to Make Small Castle Models of Hydraulic Pumps

16 July, 2011
A Particle, Brought by the LS Flow, and also: To my great horror I discovered that some of the pages aren't viewed correctly in the newest Firefox - I will correct the code as soon as I can, but so far, if you are a Firefox user, and see texts partially hidden on some pages, please, bear with me and use a different browser, like Chrome, or IE...

7 July, 2011
The Fatter the Better?

29 June, 2011
A short Add-on to my earlier post Can You Stop the Diesel Monster?

19 June, 2011
Piston Decapitation

8 June, 2011
I Would Name This Pump Ivan Drago

1 June, 2011
Troubleshooting Insufficient Flow in Classic Closed Center Load Sensing Systems

18 May, 2011
Battlefield - Guinea Bissau

17 May, 2011
After spending two weeks offline in Africa I am finally back! The "field-report" is due in a couple of days.

30 April, 2011
Linde BMV Motor - Drastic "Resurrection" Measures, and also - an Announcement: I am leaving for Guinea-Bissau tomorrow, where I'll be fixing hydraulic rigs "African Style" (will be explained later...). There's a good chance that I'll be out of touch for some time - but I'll be back! (to be read in Arny's voice)

20 April, 2011
Using Displacement Limiters for Diagnostic Purposes - with video

16 April, 2011
Linde BMV 105 Variable Displacement Motor

15 Abril, 2011
Almost two weeks without updates - kind of a record... therefore before all and once and for all - A Word on Updates of the

2 April, 2011
Series 90 Desintegration

23 March, 2011
Bearings That Never Break

15 March, 2011
Kawasaki K3V - Transforming Negative into Positive

10 March, 2011
Failure Caused By Chemical Reaction

9 March, 2011
Answering the e-mails I've been receiving - the IH is not dead, I am preparing updates, the week's been busy though...