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6 November, 2010
Hydraulic Jacks, Solenoid Valves, Low Voltage and Broken Doors

2 November, 2010
I had to work through the weekend on the Santa Maria (Azores Islands), returned this morning. Will answer all the e-mails as soon as I can! One of the battles involved the Furukawa excavator, the article is due. For now some scrap metal pics or how a Bearing Failure Destroys a Motor

27 October, 2010
Another charge pressure related post, this time on Closed Loop Flushing

23 October, 2010
Piston Shoes Go Flat

19 October, 2010
Charge pressure discussion continued in Let Us Read Your Charge Pressure

15 October, 2010
Thinking about charge pressure or How High is Your Low?

11 October, 2010
Gear Pump funeral

8 October, 2010
Mulit-section Gear Pump Vs. Sauer Danfoss PVG 32

3 October, 2010
Screwed Screw Pump

3 October, 2010
Screwed Screw Pump

30 September, 2010
An emotional preface to a more serious article, or the Travelift Adventure

26 September, 2010
Uchida AP2D14LV1RS7 Double Piston Pump

23 September, 2010
Grinding a Hydraulic Motor

21 September, 2010
A Way to Flush

17 September, 2010
Kawasaki K3V112DT Damaged Check-Valves

15 September, 2010
A PLC and a Couple of Wet wires, the Library has a new link to lessons in electric circuits

10 September, 2010
The Breakable Valve Spool

6 September, 2010
About Sauer Danfoss Multi-Function Valves

1 September, 2010
Komatsu Unplugged

29 August, 2010
Sadly, the vacation's over... I've looked through my older articles and found a lot of stuff that needed trimming. That's what I'll be doing for the next couple of days - looking through my previous posts and trying to correct the mistakes.

26 August, 2010
Where's the Brass?

24 August, 2010
Adjusting Your PC

19 August, 2010
Watch Where You Step or an Outrigger Incident

17 August, 2010
Third Generation Komatsu OLSS Pump - Finally the OLSS!!!

9 August, 2010
Pressure Peaks and Linde BMV140 Hydraulic Motor