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Updates and Emails

Last night I got back from an urgent assistance trip to Finland, where I had to troubleshoot and repair a malfunctioning raise-borer in a gold mine. Since the work was supposed to last but a couple of days, I armed myself with my cell phone only - big, big mistake. Due to a logistics problem the repair took three extra days, with myself and the rest of the crew working around the clock for two consecutive days, our only stops being the mandatory surface trips imposed by the scheduled blasts... When I got back home and turned the computer on - I was baffled by the quantity of unanswered messages in my mailbox... And a lot of good people were asking me if the had stopped working and if I had given up the noble cause of bringing industrial hydraulics tips to the masses...

Therefore, this post is aimed to answer the following two questions:
a) why the "updates flow" of the chokes at times, and
b) why I occasionally don't answer my e-mails

About the updates - I do everything I can to update this website on a regular basis. I don't do it because of the search engine ratings, I do it because I like oil hydraulics, and since I get new ideas for the blog all the time, my urge to shamelessly express myself takes over and my hydraulic thoughts end up on these very pages. This helps me keep my "attic" organized and connects me with lots of "right" hydraulics folks around the world.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have an extremely busy schedule, which is the way it is with any "reasonably advanced" oil-hydraulics "troubleshooter". My job takes me to unimaginable places where I often don't have internet or even phone access, and sometimes I have to face 48 hour long shifts, with no chance to "take a breather". However, despite of being permanently short on time, I have invested a lot of effort in building IH and I truly like creating oil-hydraulics and workshop related content, so when this site doesn't get an update for a couple of extra days - there's only one explanation - I am JAM-PACKED with work. I said it before and I say it again - the IH is NOT a dead site!

About them e-mails - I appreciate any kind of feedback and struggle to answer every single e-mail I get. If I didn't answer your e-mail - one of the three things had happened:
a) I am working in some god forsaken place and haven't read it yet
b) My stupid e-mail program labeled your e-mail as "unwanted publicity", and I didn't see it in between the spam. I regularly look through the trash folder to see if by mistake a good letter ended up there, but sometimes good mail does get buried under piles of trash.
c) Your e-mail program labeled my e-mail as "unwanted publicity". Please check your spam folder to see if my reply ended up there. For the record - is absolutely positively against any kind of spam!

IH pursues the goal of becoming a place where hands-on hydraulic pump and motor guys can find something interesting and, hopefully in the future, share and discuss what they know. There's no way I can achieve this by leaving it be or staying out of touch, so please, stay tuned!