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Komatsu HPV112 Pump Parts

Apparently, copying industry can't keep up with the constant progress of Komatsu designs. Here's a couple of examples - picture 1 shows the aftermarket barrel for Komatsu HPV 112 pump - this aftermarket manufacturer limited himself to copying the external dimensions, and left out the "patented stuff", like the uneven port pitch of the original Komatsu cylinder blocks, or the optimized and widened oil channels. One could argue at this point if the uneven pitch makes that much of a difference, but it does tell you immediately the barrel is not genuine at first glance.

Picture 2 shows the swashplates for the same pump model, the casting quality of the aftermarket swashplate is notoriously low, as well as the finish.

Will such parts work? Yes they will, but... they will last less, and that's why they should also cost less, like a lot less...