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     Here you have a couple of Rexroth A11VO pump parts, damaged by extremely high temperature. It is not uncommon for heavy machinery to catch fire, and so every once in a while fire-damaged hydraulics appears in every workshop. In this particular case, the multi-ton forklift had been topped up with fuel moments before the fire started...

     To get an idea of how high the temperatures around the hydraulic pump (the machine had two of these) went, have a look at the high pressure hydraulic hose that was mounted at the pump's outlet. The steel wire mesh melted down!!! 

    Inside the pump the temperature rose so high, that the barrel brass sleeves detached themselves completely from the steel body!

    There you have it - once again through simple observation IH has discovered another uncommon and unique disassembly technique! If you want to re-sleeve your barrel, and don't know how to dismount the old brass sleeves - set your pump on fire - the sleeves will come out by themselves and all this (!) without opening the pump!!!
Hydraulic pump rotary group, damaged by fire
Hydraulic pump rotary group, damaged by fire
Hydraulic pump rotary group, damaged by fire
Hydraulic pump rotary group, damaged by fire
Melted down swashplate bearings
Melted down swashplate bearings
Fire damaged high pressure hose
Fire damaged high pressure hose
Swashplate tempering colors