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     To the left you can see a damaged craddle bearing from an open circuit Linde HPR pump. This type of damage is not very common - the bearing literally split in half along the lubrication channel of the hydrostatic bearing.

    The first thing that came to my mind was - overpressure. This bearing is constantly connected to the system pressure, which is fed to it through the bias piston, the hollow connecting rod, and finally the channel inside the swashplate (check out the exploded view). Since the counteracting servo piston has a bigger area, theoretically it is possible to create a higher than system pressure in the bias cylinder and, consequently, in the hydrostatic bearing, if some obstruction of the flow coming out of the bias cylinder during the displacement transition stage occurred. And I did look everywhere for it - and found nothing... Maybe it was just a bad bearing...

   In any case - it made this nice set of pictures.
Damaged Craddle Bearing
Damaged Craddle Bearing
Damaged Craddle Bearing
Damaged Craddle Bearing
Linde HPR pump exploded view