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    Imagine - a client brings you a Kawaski K3V112DT (a technical brochure on these pumps here) pump to overhaul. The main complaint is multiple oil leaks, aside that the excavator is performing "better than new". You disassemble the pump and, indeed, find lightly marked valve plate and the swashplate (pic1), and almost intact rotary group, with minimal wear of pistons, or the barrel. This leads you to assuming that the oil used in the hydraulic system is kept in excellent condition, and, as the client has no complaint whatsoever about the performance of the pump, all you need to do is throw in a seal-kit, top it with a bench-test and send the unit to the client, right? Wrong!!!

    It is not uncommon for a technician, after seeing several pump parts in excellent condition during disassembly, to assume that the rest of the unit is OK too. In 90 percent of cases he will be right, but the resting 10 percent when he is wrong will hurt like hell... That is why it is important to dismount a pump fully and examine it in detail even when the parts don't present any damage or excessive wear and even when the client assures you that the pump is working fine!

    These pictures are a good example of how important this is. As you can see, the rotary group parts present normal wear (minimal) and are in perfect condition. However, when you take out the boost pressure check valves, which are inside the middle section of the pump (key n. 986 on the drawing), you will see that they are severely damaged and are about to break. You can see how the seat is supposed to look like here. The assumption that the pump is in perfect condition can easily lead a mechanic to skip checking the valves and cause a premature failure.

   The best way to approach a pump's overhaul is by double-checking everything no matter what!

   Read, also, the article on pump boost pressure checks and shuttles here.
Kawasaki K3V112DT parts
Kawasaki K3V112DT rotary group
Kawasaki K3V112DT barrel
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves
Kawasaki K3V112DT check valves