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     Check out this electric proportional displacement control module from a Rexroth A4VG closed loop pump. The unit had gone through a major overhaul, and after working fine for a couple of minutes stopped responding to the input signal...

    The images show you why  - an oversized o'ring had caused a small piece of the body crack off during the control installation. The small chip then jammed the control spool, rendering the module inoperable...

   IH point of view as to this so very important matter:

     Inserting oversized into undersized only works with certain models of women's jeans - an inexplicable practice, which nevertheless bears no negative consequences and most of the times is pleasing to look at. O'rings, on the other hand (along with other elastomeric seals) should be sized properly at all times! - a reminder to those folks who think that the fatter the better! 
A4VG damaged control module
A4VG damaged control module
A4VG damaged control module