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    As people, who deal with all sorts of hydraulic malfunctions on a daily basis, we, hydraulic technicians and mechanics don't get impressed easily, but these  power-packs (plural, yes, there were two of them, in equal state) were something different... The images show you the inside of the oil tank. Luckily for you, pictures can not transfer odor, which, I must say, was outstanding!... You wouldn't believe the stuff we found lying on the bottom... Inexpressible,  unutterable, stuff that could make you say in a Hollywood old-times-war-or-horror-movies- manner: "I've seen things...Terrible things..." and burst out blubbering!

    The most amazing thing, however, was the fact that these power-packs (simple design, gear pump, small AC motor and a couple of valves) stopped running not due to a component malfunction, but due to insufficient oil level! It is true, I swear! Apparently they kept on working with this  yellish goo untill the goo level dropped below the pump's suction line. The gear pump was tested and it was OK! Congratulations, brothers and sisters, for you are witnessing a miracle!

    What a perfect example of preventive maintenance in action!
Dirty Oil Tank
Dirty Oil Tank
Dirty Oil Tank