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     There is no doubt that, eventually, everything will break. Practice shows, however, that the same functional parts, made by different brands, have different life spans under the same working conditions, which can be explained by design (heavy duty vs medium duty) and material quality (steels and alloys) used during production. Of all hydraulic pump and motor brands that passed through my hands, one brand has always stood out, showing a particularly superior quality of components - the Linde. Despite of most of the times ridiculously over-engineered design, the essential parts, like pistons, cylinder blocks, valve plates, swash-plates, etc.. have always presented precise high quality machining combined with excellent material selection (most probably the result of many weeks of thorough tribological tests), something that resulted in over-priced spares but also long lasting and reliable units. I am definitely not a "Linde" fan (with the exception of their fixed displacement axial piston motors, which are next to perfect, especially the newer series), but I admit that the quality of original parts is extraordinary. However, even the best quality part has its breaking point, the proof of which you can see on these pictures, showing a damaged rotary group of a Linde BPV70 closed circuit pump which, unfortunately for its owner, just couldn't pump it...

    By the way, suspecting incorrect bearing play (the shaft is suspended by two tapered bearings) I re-checked it and it was OK, making overtorque the most possible cause of this malfunction.
Linde BPV 70 pump, damaged
Linde BPV 70 pump, damaged
Linde BPV 70 pump, damaged
Linde BPV 70 pump, damaged
Linde BPV 70 pump, damaged