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Danfoss OMS Motor Disassembly - Removing the Balance Plate

A gerotor motor is the most wide spread type of hydraulic motor in the world - cheap, reliable, high torque and compact - the ideal solution for low and medium speed applications.

Although most of the times when such a motor malfunctions you throw it away and buy a new one, occasionally you need to "get inside", like, for example, to change the seals, or to evaluate it's condition and type of wear.

Despite the fact that these motors have been on the market since the Noah days, and are very easy to disassemble, there are still mechanics who, when working on such motors (I am talking about OMS type, the one that has the oil timing part in the end cap, not the OMRs, which use the shaft grooves to channel the oil) employ the "hit and run" technique to push out the balance plate, which is inside the end cap and is held in place by the vicious oil seals. By "hit" I mean hit the bench top with it as hard as you can, and by "run" I mean run away fast because a finger's gotten in between the end cap and the bench.

I get to visit many workshops dealing with such motors, so I have seen "hit'n'run" countless times. To put an end to this barbarous tradition I combined this short video. Unfortunately Youtube made me remove the soundtrack, so the video is silent, but the point is still there...

The image quality is pre-iPhone, too...