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Hydraulic Myth N3 - OEM Documentation and Recommendations Are Always Correct

Unfortunately this statement is a Myth.

It is very common for documentation supplied by an OEM to contain mistakes, even for big names, with complete engineering departments behind the docs.

99% of all of the hydraulic diagrams that you will encounter will be either incomplete or contain mistakes, sometimes minor, sometimes major, but mistakes nonetheless. This is normal, you just have to accept it.

I've done enough technical documentation myself to know how hard it is to supply a decent diagram or a drawing. If you've never done it - I strongly suggest you learn basic 2D cad (DraftSight is the best and is completely free) and make a simple hydraulic diagram of your own, with annotations and parts - you'll never look at hydraulic diagrams the same way again...

OEM documentation is still a great way to learn - but you must realize that docs are made by people, and people are known to do all kinds of crazy stuff - like pulling all-nighters just to finish a diagram that needs to be ready for certification scheduled for the next morning.

The same goes for the recommendations, by the way, which most of the times are vaguely generic at best. I have clients who pour VG32 oil in their power packs simply because it says so in the catalog they got with the equipment. It's OK - the weather is nice and warm around here, and when ambient temperatures hit 40C and the hydraulic oil 80C plus - I know I will be selling a new pump in no time!..